About the Firm

The Brod Law Firm, P.C. offers legal services to individuals and small businesses. In addition to litigation matters, we provide estate-planning, as well as a full spectrum of legal services designed to meet the needs of small businesses and start-up companies.

Whether a case involves an early settlement, a jury trial, or an appeal, our course of action always takes the best interests of our clients into account, first and foremost. We take a great deal of pride in representing each and every one of our clients, and the firm’s focus is on helping individuals and small businesses, not large corporations or insurance companies. Our client’s legal and financial interests are at the forefront of all efforts, which many clients find a refreshing philosophy to big law firm billing practices. Unlike big law firms, we strive to, and do provide personal representation and attention to our clients, while aggressively advocating on their behalf.

Our goal is always to successfully meet the needs of our clients, and to efficiently and effectively resolve their disputes. In addition to litigation and dispute resolution, the Brod Law Firm, P.C. helps small business and start-up clientele in raising venture capital and the formation of business entities, as well as issues related to real estate and employment.