Client Reviews

Recently I had the need to hire an attorney. My daughter introduced me to her lawyer, Greg Brod of the Brod Law Firm on Jessie St. in San Francisco. I am somewhat intimidated by lawyers, however when I met Greg I was immediately at ease. He was compassionate, knowledgeable and extremely easy to talk to. He handled my case professionally and most successfully. I couldn't be happier with the outcome, I would refer anyone to him. Way to go Greg, you are a true professional.

- Annette P., Avvo review

Our family had a problem with bedbugs in our apartment and a landlord who was blaming us and trying to get us to pay for the exterminators. It is difficult for anyone who has not had bedbugs to imagine the extent to which this problem negatively effects every aspect of your life. I contacted Greg Brod, and he was there for us. He listened to our problems and advised us on the legal issues, thereby saving us thousands of dollars. In addition, we were compensated for our damages, which were substantial. I would recommend Greg wholeheartedly. He and the members of his staff are caring professionals. Having this behind us is such a relief. Thank you all at the Brod Law Firm.

- Ron, Avvo review

A lot of times when you need to hire a lawyer it's not for the best of circumstances. Any time you get into a dispute it is bound to be unpleasant, but Greg does such a fantastic job of keeping you informed and feeling positive that it really helps to alleviate the pressures and stress associated with a lawsuit.

We were extremely happy with the outcome of our specific case, and would absolutely recommend Greg to anyone looking for legal assistance. The sign of a good lawyer is someone who really knows and understands the law - and Greg definitely knows his stuff!

- Celine V., Yelp review

Cannot go wrong working with this guy!

I was referred to Greg Brod for a car accident I was in and I will now owe the person who referred me, forever.

He's so nice, honest, professional, knowledgeable and most of all you can tell he truly cares about the clients he works with. Not only that but he's so easy to talk to.

I would refer ANYONE to him for a personal injury case.

I couldn't be happier with the outcome of my case, although I am glad it's final, I will miss working with him.

Thanks Brod Law Firm!

- Christine M., Yelp review

Though I've been an almost daily Yelp lurker for years, this is the first time I've felt compelled to write a review.

We were involved in a traumatic landlord situation and weren't sure where to turn for help. After we were literally forced to flee the rental property in fear, a trusted attorney friend recommended Greg Brod.

When I looked at Greg's website and saw that he was a personal injury lawyer, I questioned how he could adequately help us with a landlord problem. But it became clear in our first meeting that he was our guy. Greg was extremely knowledgeable in and could clearly explain how the California and San Francisco rent ordinances (and associated case law) pertained to our case. But more importantly it was immediately evident that he was a trustworthy guy who truly cared about us and what we had gone through (unlike other lawyers I had contacted who talked fees first, possible action later).

Greg handled our case with a laser-focused determination to right the wrongs we had been forced to endure. Greg worked his ass off for well over a year, skillfully fighting for everything we were due in compensation and leading us to a fair settlement. Throughout the entire process, we were in constant communication, with Greg always putting our needs first and deferring to our wishes. Though we'll never get back those six months of hell living under the filth-encrusted boot of a scumlord bully, we won a happy outcome--and a good friend.

We would highly recommend your talking to him if you've been hurt in any regard, even if you think your case does not fall under the purview of a personal injury attorney.

- America S., Yelp review