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Tracy Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Lawyer

Carbon monoxide poisoning kills more people than mass shootings and terrorism combined, according to the American Council on Science and Health. In the United States, it is the fourth-leading cause of fatality. In the vast majority of cases, carbon monoxide poisoning is entirely preventable, resulting in a needless loss of life. While people have been exposed to carbon monoxide and recovered after becoming sick, this is not typically the case. Carbon monoxide poisoning is fatal in most cases, and the cause of death is usually not even discovered until it is too late. If you have become sick or have lost a loved one due to someone else’s negligence, or carelessness, you may be able to file a claim against them for financial compensation. Our Tracy carbon monoxide poisoning lawyer can help you obtain the full damages you are entitled to.

Common Causes of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Any time a person is exposed to carbon monoxide, they will inhale the toxic fumes. Carbon monoxide is an odorless and colorless gas, so it is impossible to detect when it is in the air. This, combined with the fact that many of the devices we use today produce carbon monoxide, can be a deadly combination. Carbon monoxide is created by combustible engines that use wood, gasoline, natural gas, or oil as a fuel. The most common causes of carbon monoxide poisoning are as follows:

  • Gas or fuel-burning camping appliances, such as grills and heating units,
  • Boat engines,
  • Defective wood, oil, coal, or gas furnaces,
  • Defective gas clothes dryers,
  • Clogged chimneys,
  • Defective water heaters,
  • Tobacco smoke,
  • Exhaust from idling vehicles,
  • Defective cooking appliances, and
  • Fires.

The above are, sadly, just a few of the most common causes of carbon monoxide poisoning. People can inhale the toxic gas while inside their own homes or when visiting Tracy and staying in a hotel, motel, or Airbnb. Property owners are legally required to take the necessary steps to prevent unnecessary deaths. If you have been harmed due to someone else’s negligence, reach out to a carbon monoxide poisoning attorney in Tracy today.

The Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Prevention Act

In 2010, legislators in California passed the Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Prevention Act to prevent further preventable deaths. Under this law, all property owners have a legal duty to install carbon monoxide detectors in any dwelling that contains a fuel-burning device. A dwelling is defined as any home, apartment, hotel unit, condominium, or other type of housing. Carbon monoxide detectors are also required in any building that has an attached garage. When property owners fail to comply with the law, and others become sick or lose their lives, they should be held liable for paying full compensation.

Our Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Lawyer in Tracy Provides Sound Legal Advice

Carbon monoxide poisoning is extremely serious. Determining who is liable is also not always easy. While property owners are often to blame, manufacturers of defective products, such as carbon monoxide detectors, can also be held accountable. At Brod Law Firm, our Tracy carbon monoxide poisoning attorney can determine who the liable party is and will hold them accountable for paying the maximum damages you are entitled to. Call us now at (800) 427-7020 or fill out our online form to schedule a free review of your case.

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