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Bicycle Lane Accidents

The California Vehicle Code outlines rules pertaining to bike lanes that both cyclists and drivers are expected to follow. Unfortunately, these rules are not always enough to prevent bicycle lane accidents from happening. When those crashes do occur, cyclists nearly always sustain the most severe injuries that are costly to treat.

Injured cyclists may wish to file a personal injury lawsuit against an at-fault party in order to receive compensation that can help pay for those injuries. When they do, they should first seek the help of a San Francisco bicycle lane accident attorney.

Types of Bicycle Lane Accidents

Bicycle lanes are intended for both recreational and transportation use. They are designed to separate cyclists from the flow of traffic and therefore keep them safer. However, these lanes are not always well designed, maintained, or monitored to ensure they provide the necessary safety. This can result in a number of different types of accidents.

Accidents between bicycles and pedestrians are common in bicycle lanes. While many of the lanes in San Francisco are exclusively designated for bicycle use, cyclists still have to sometimes share the lane with those on foot. Maneuvering around pedestrians and other bicycles can be tricky, particularly when people are not watching out for each other. This can result in serious injury to either the pedestrian or cyclist.

Any cyclist using a bicycle lane is also expected to follow the rules of that lane. One such rule is following the direction indicated along the path. Not all cyclists follow these rules, however, and that can cause a number of accidents. When two bicycles crash into each other, it is possible each cyclist will be thrown from his or her bike and sustain serious injury.

A bicycle lane is only as good as its design. When a bike path is defective or has large pot holes or cracks, it can be difficult to safely operate a bike on it. Even small defects along the path can cause an accident, resulting in severe injury to the biker.

When a cyclist or pedestrian is hurt in any type of bicycle lane accident, he or she should speak to a bicycle lane accident lawyer in San Francisco to determine his or her right to compensation.

Motorists and Bicycle Lanes

Although bicycle lanes are safer than bicycles sharing the roadway with vehicles, cars and bikes still have to interact with each other on the road at some point. This can cause significant injury to the biker.

The main cause of bicycle lane accidents that involve a vehicle are due to motorists not paying attention. Bicycle lanes are located at the side of roadways. While this provides some separation between bikes and vehicles, many drivers do not look to ensure the bike lane is clear veering into into it or crossing over it. This is particularly true when a bike lane crosses an intersection.

The close proximity of bicycle lanes to vehicles continues to pose a risk for cyclists even when those vehicles are parked. Dooring is a huge contributor of bicycle lane accidents and injuries. When cars are parked alongside a designated bike lane, drivers may not look to ensure that no bikers are approaching their vehicle before opening their car doors into the lane. Cyclist can crash into or be hit by these open car doors. This type of accident can cause very serious injuries to the cyclist.

Were You Hurt in a Bicycle Lane Accident? Contact a San Francisco Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Whenever bicyclists are in an accident on the road, they are more likely to sustain severe injuries than anyone else involved. If someone else was at fault for the accident, bicycle accident victims may be able to file a lawsuit to claim compensation for their injuries. A San Francisco bicycle lane accident attorney can help.

If you have been injured in a bicycle lane accident, call the Brod Law Firm at (800) 427-7020. We will conduct a thorough investigation and fight aggressively to ensure your rights are upheld throughout the entire process. If you are entitled to compensation, we will help you get the full amount you deserve. Do not try to handle a lawsuit on your own while still recovering from injuries. Contact us today for your free case evaluation.

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