Toxic Torts

Every day residents in our area develop a variety of physical ailments and sicknesses that are connected to their exposure to harmful chemicals. It usually isn’t until after the health problem arises that the victims and their families discover that it may have been caused by chemical exposure. That is because many individuals are never made fully aware of the dangerous substances to which they are exposed. The hidden nature of the problem makes it particularly dangerous, because victims are not given the chance or opportunity to take action to protect their health when necessary.

Exposure to dangerous chemicals is particularly troublesome in the work context. Many workers in factories, plants, and other settings have their bodies bombarded with various, dangerous substances each and every day—often for decades. The companies which rely on the efforts of these workers are required to keep those chemicals safe for use and to ensure that their employees do not suffer harm while they are providing the labor needed to keep the business going. Yet, time and again companies have failed in this duty. Instead of keeping workers safe, they have often allowed these community members to toil away without doing the things necessary to ensure that lifelong health problems are not suffered by chemical exposure. Often the workers had no idea that they were exposing themselves to these risks when taking the employment.

The legal system has rules in place which protects all those exposed to dangerous chemicals—including workers. Cases related to these substances and the harm they cause are known as “toxic torts.” There are often many different defendants involved in toxic tort cases, and the cases are often more complex than other legal actions. For example, liability may be placed on the companies that make the dangerous product, those responsible for disposing of it, those who purchase and use the substance, employers who place workers in harm’s way, and many others. Our California toxic tort lawyer is available at any time to listen to your story and explain how the law might shake out depending on your specific situation.

Also, our firm works with people who have been hurt by water contamination caused by MTBE. MTBE is a gasoline additive that has been found inside groundwater with potential hazardous consequences for those who consume it. MTBE is a colorless liquid that leads to an unpleasant odor and taste when immersed in water.

Time is always important when it comes to filing legal claims, so please do not delay in getting the assistance you need. If you or someone you know may have suffered harm because of chemical exposure, please get in touch with our office to see how we can help. We are open to all those who believe they were hurt because of these chemicals. In addition, we work with surviving family members of those who may have passed away because of short or long-term exposure to dangerous chemicals. Please contact us today at (800) 427-7020 or (415) 397-1130. We can also be reached via email at or you can send a message instantly via our online contact form.

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