Defective Products / Products Liability

California recognizes strict liability as a theory when addressing products that have injured a person or persons. A plaintiff needs to prove that a product containing a manufacturing or design defect was a substantial factor in causing harm. The defect may also be based upon the product's failure to contain sufficient instructions or warnings of potential safety hazards. A defendant of a defective product may be anyone who distributed, manufactured, or sold the defective product.

An injured person can also seek damages from a distributor, manufacturer, seller, installer, repairer or supplier of a defective product under a theory of negligence. Under a theory of negligence, a plaintiff is required to prove that the defendant failed to use the proper amount of care that someone who was reasonably careful should have used. To prove negligence, a plaintiff must also prove that they have suffered harm, and that the negligence, or "falling below the standard of care", was a substantial factor in causing the harm.

Defective products can cause injuries that include food poisoning, as in the case with tainted foods, loss of limbs, loss of eyesight, and even loss of life. Often, manufacturers of defective products do not own up to their responsibilities, which is why is it critical to have a lawyer with a strong sense of justice, who is not afraid to fight for injured people's rights. If you or someone you love has been injured as a result of a defective product, find out how to protect your legal rights and contact the Brod Law Firm. We will fully investigate your case and determine the best way to recover the most compensation for your losses. Please contact us and schedule a free consultation at (800) 427-7020, or send us an email.

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